A look back to early 2014


Finally, the time came when Yayoi/Coco would move into town! She’s a bit bizarre to look at but has a sweet disposition.

HNI_0097 HNI_0098



On the weekend before my birthday, I went to see Totakeke/K.K. Slider and he gave me the song “Kimi no Tanjoubi” (“Your Birthday”).

HNI_0099 HNI_0100

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More old stuff



That was the day Jambette finally movied out. I was so happy.

Around that time, I went to visit hobbiton and even saw one of the tourism posts I made to get people to visit Gotham.

HNI_0069 HNI_0072 HNI_0075 HNI_0076 HNI_0077 HNI_0078 HNI_0080 HNI_0081



One of the best things in winter is to visit the igloo and see who is coming through town.

This pig is named Inocchi, like the V6 member!


I really wanted Yayoi/Coco to move into town and I’m glad she agreed to stay. She is still a villager in Gotham to this day.

HNI_0085 HNI_0086

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Club Tortimer / クラブコトブキ (Club Kotobuki)

I only recently started going to “Club Tortimer” (aka the online island) and my sole purpose is to collect the items that are only available there. I know, I’ve been playing this game for nearly two years but I choose not to engage strangers online if possible. Before going on my own, I did some online research and was sad to see that so many English-language reports about how there are many scammers and rude people playing this game. In general, I think all players should exercise caution and common sense when it comes to anonymous players.

1) Never give your personal information
2) Do not engage if they are rude off the bat
3) Do not let random people into your town
** If you run into a jerk on the island, you can block them!

I know we all want to believe in the good in people but it’s really upsetting that some want to take a fun game and ruin it for strangers because there are (apparently) no consequences. It’s gotten to the point where I am buying multiple items of these island items for friends to save them some grief.

That said, since I play the Japanese version of the game, I am given the option to only play with Japanese version players or play with someone from another country. Because of the bad stories I’ve seen about the English speaking players, I have chosen to only visit the Japanese Club Kotobuki. My experience has only been positive so far. Mayors I run into there have either ignored other players or give a standard greeting. I’ve occasionally had issues getting to the island (connection is randomly lost) but that’s about it as far as problems.

Leave a comment if you have opinions or memorable experiences at Club Tortimer to share!

Update: I’ve gone to the island several more times and while most people are nice or don’t engage (which I totally understand), some people immediately asked, “Do you have money?” or “You, give me money.” I’ve not been trapped or anything but I don’t understand why new players feel the need to shake strangers down for bells. I’ve ONLY had that problem with newer players.

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Townie stuff



When Katt was still living in Gotham, I would visit her and take stuff from her bureau. Yay, free stuff!


I went to visit Scoot and he wanted to make me eat his home cooking.

HNI_0046 HNI_0048



Here’s Henry, our resident flirt. I wonder where he picked up a Yoshi egg? It totally matches with his home decor. And then he asked me to introduce my girl friends to him. -_-

HNI_0059 HNI_0060


Nowadays, I’m lucky if I can even participate in Fishing Tourneys, but I’ve been known to get the gold trophy!

HNI_0063 HNI_0065

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Katt and the Fossils

Katt (Choi) said some nutty things when I was talking her in the dinosaur exhibit at the museum.

HNI_0033 HNI_0034 HNI_0035 HNI_0036 HNI_0037 HNI_0038

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Village stuff in early January 2014

I caught Mamoru sleeping in his house. He really should lock his door if he’s going to be off guard like this.


The crazy thing is that I don’t even remember Patty leaving town so soon in the year. I still see her sometimes in the shopping area. It’s always great to run into former townsfolk.


Mamoru got mad that Takoya made me deliver something to him…


I made a wish on a star while wearing this mask and it looks like I have no eyes!!


No idea why my face looks like that. But does a takoyaki really need a copy machine?


Here, I see that Opal has bought property in Gotham.


Went to Henry’s house to hang out and Takoya was there, too.


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New Year’s Countdown 2013-2014

One of the things I did last New Year’s Eve was bother the Resetti’s underground.

HNI_0001 HNI_0002

And then I mingled with everyone in the town square. A few of them stayed inside, though.

HNI_0003 HNI_0004 HNI_0005 HNI_0006 HNI_0007 HNI_0008 HNI_0009 HNI_0010

Look at how much fun we had!

HNI_0011 HNI_0012 HNI_0014 HNI_0015 HNI_0017 HNI_0018 HNI_0019 HNI_0020 HNI_0021 HNI_0022 HNI_0023 HNI_0024

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The end of 2013

Santa Con wasn’t just in Gotham, we celebrated in hobbiton, too.


Check out that geyser! Wow, Gotham doesn’t even have one.


Sometimes, the night sky is worth taking a photo of.


hobbiton’s Sphinx!


Photo ops are a must. We needed two more Santas for this one. Maybe in 2014….


And so, I became the real Santa!

HNI_0085 HNI_0086 HNI_0087 HNI_0088 HNI_0089

I couldn’t get over Takoya’s quote on the back of his photo. “1 free.” Mmm, takoyaki…

HNI_0091 HNI_0092 HNI_0093 HNI_0094 HNI_0095

And so, last December, Yukimi moved to hobbiton.


Mayor jubee and I are like two peas in a pod!

HNI_0097 HNI_0098

Last year’s countdown clock. And I even go to visit Resetti’s place! (Don’t mind the expression on my face)

HNI_0099 HNI_0100

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Villager stuff


Lots of stuff happened late in 2013. For example, my racehorse moved away….


I went to hobbiton to collect signatures, where Shep proceeded to flirt with me…






Mamoru thought I was trying to be like him… (Can we talk about Gabi’s hilarious expression in the background when he spotted me?)



And I still had two frogs in town.



Mayor jubee and I had our own Santa Con. There’s no bar in Gotham, so we just went to the live event on Saturday night.

HNI_0069 HNI_0070 HNI_0071 HNI_0074

Speaking of lives, Mamoru talked to me about artists that he likes. I think he could tell that I would agree with his comment on wanting things my fave used (such as towels).





Gabi and I looked at the bulletin board to figure out what events we shouldn’t miss.



And I won the fishing tourney! Look at how nostalgic this photo is. Three of the five of those villagers have since moved on to other towns. At least I can still meet Yukimi since she moved to Mayor jubee’s hobbiton.


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Throwback: Thanksgiving 2013

The funny thing about this game is that I had apparently missed a number of major holidays during my first year playing (after the game was released in Japan). The Harvest Festival (Thanksgiving) was one of these holidays. When I got the chance last year in 2013 to collect new furniture, I made sure to make time to cook with Franklin.

HNI_0061HNI_0062 HNI_0063

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